Understanding the formulas of color conversion

At Shazam, we introduced a brand new, visually more appealing way to accommodate ads in the app. This new ad format overtakes the whole screen with a smooth animation. The experience not only looks better, but also feels less interruptive and way more engaging.

App concept for music streaming

Recently, there were rumours of Spotify being interested in buying SoundCloud. The deal was abandoned and Spotify is rather preparing for an IPO. Since I’m amazed by both companies’ product lines, I was inspired by the possibility of such an acquisition. Spotify and SoundCloud bring joy to their users in their own special ways. Music streaming is a highly crowded market, competition is getting even more serious since the emergence of Apple Music. Let me guide you through how I imagine a winner combination of SoundCloud’s and Spotify’s services.


SoundCloud defines itself as the world’s leading social sound platform. This…

There are certain dangers in the online playground

The online world is a tumultuous playground. Every year sees new emergent social platforms, the existing ones are reaching enormous sizes. The hunger games for connectivity and others’ attention is getting huge. Our everyday lives are being shaped by unquestionable social forces. They also have a crucial influence on the work designers do.

We need to let our minds play between our own ideas. Forming our own opinions and taking ownership of our beliefs are essential for problem solving. It is getting harder with existing ideas and solutions flowing all around on the internet. Harder, but not impossible. …

Well, he designed a quite famous product you must have heard of

Original art by Mark Nystrom

It’s easy to run into articles about mastering design processes. It’s way more difficult to settle for the best approach.

So what can you do? Use what you have in mind. Skip what you don’t. Learn from the failures and missing parts. Iterate. Nobel prize, here I come.

No, seriously.

Let me tell you an unusual case study. I’ve reimagined the biblical story of creation as a design process focusing on one single stage at a time. Sunday left for rest makes it 6 days of hard work for our legendary designer. Here we go.

Donat Bali Papp

Senior Product Designer at Prezi | www.donatbalipapp.com

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